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Designing your view of tomorrow.

We start by getting an understanding of where you are now, where you want to see yourself and most of all how you want the public to see you.

By scheduling a consultation and completing a short survey, your preferences, goals, budget, and other essential information can be clearly communicated to us and we will cultivate a plan specific to your needs. When you give us the green light we will guide the implementation of a winning strategy.

Take the first step! Invest in your image, growth, and future!

snapshot"We provide personalized marketing strategies and professional media design services with one-to-one guidance and a personal touch". 
Technical Training | Workshops | Consultations   •   Magnifying Your Vision — Designing Your View of Tomorrow 
DZN-X Media serves individual entrepreneurs, small business owners, & startups based in New York.

Branding, Marketing,& Web Services

Branding, Marketing, & Web Development

Understanding and utilizing the power of compelling messaging is what DZN-X does.

In these times you must clearly communicate who you are, what you have to offer, and why prospective customers or congregants should prefer to get “it” from you.  Our clients are savvy enough to select DZN-X to shape, actualize, and publicize their brand. Including but not limited to:

» Logo Inception &  Development
» Collateral Formation & Production
» Website Development & Management
» Newsletters, Email, & Social Media


Business Development & Consulting

Business Development & Consulting

Leading an organization
is more demanding than ever before.

DZN-X works with you to strategize and maximize each opportunity while demonstrating your best path to success including but not limited to:


» Managerial Development (Leadership)

» Establishing measurable Growth Points

» Optimization & Efficiency

We're here to help you move forward!

Administrative Support

Do you need a little direction?

Want to find someone who is willing to help you organize, file, generate ad copy, develop website content, and proofread? Save time, increase effectiveness, and improve your image. Our Administrative Support services include but not limited to:

» Brand ID & Promotions
ie: Press Releases & EPKs (Electronic Press Kits)
» Proofreading & Editing   » Copywriting
» Virtual Office Support   » Consumer Training

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